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About Me

My name is Andrew Lethbridge. I graduated from Rhode Island College in May of 2022 earning a bachelors degree in computer science and receiving summa cum laude honors. Since my graudation I have continued to work at the Newman YMCA located in Seekonk Massachusetts, where I have been a lifeguard for almost five years.

During my time at Rhode Island College I learned many core principles of computer science such as object oriented design, data structures, and key programming language syntax. I have full confidence in programming languages Python and Java. I am developing skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript that I continue to work on and study. I also have experience in Unity 3D game development, which is a 3D game engine which allows you to create interactive video game projects, many famaous and commonly played games have been created using Unity 3D.

In my freetime I like to work on projects such as this website itself, which was written with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also aspire to create a working video game of some kind. Video games were a passion of mine and fueled my desire to learn computer science. As I learn more and more every day I am sure I will be able to accomplish any goal I set for myself. Computer Science is not just a subject in school for me but also a passion and hobby.

I find myself to be a fast learner and believe I can learn any skill that may eventually become required. I have a high desire to get started and make an impact on the working world. Half way through my sophmore semester in college the Covid-19 pandemic hit and classes were then conducted via online video. So I learned how to work with limited intervention from teachers as accessibility to them was limited, escpecially with online asychrounous classes. I learned how to be resourceful and work independently. I am sure I can integrate myself into any work environment that may present itself.


Mobile Game


This is a mobile game which I have begun developing. I am using the Unity game engine to create the game which utilizes the C# programing language. I also utilized photoshop editing software GIMP and 3D modeling software Blender to create my buildings and characters. To store my buildings and troop data online I used Google Firebase Realtime Database.

Technologies Used
  • Unity
  • C#
  • Blender
  • GIMP
  • VisualStudio
  • Google Firebase

Finite State Machine Lesson


This was a class project for my Discrete Sctructures Using Python class. The project was to created a project which covered any that we had gone over during the semester. I chose to go over the topic of finite state machines. Using Unity 3D I was able to create a virtual simulaiton of what a finite state machine is along with an instruction display of the various states of the finite state machine.

Technologies Used
  • Unity 3D
  • C#
  • Adobe Photoshop

Download Finite State Machine Project Files

Covid-19 Data Tracker App


This project was for a software engineering class where I worked in a team of four members. We were required using Agile software development methodologies, to create an app which could be useful and help people. We created an app which would allow users access to data relevant to Covid-19 infection and vaccination rates specific to whichever area they requested. We thought the app could be useful and help people who are at a high risk of severe illness to Covid-19 but also for people who were worried and wanted to be extra cautious.

Technologies Used
  • Python
  • Twilio
  • MySQL
  • Trello Workspace

Download Covid-19 App Project Files




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